How to play for newbie [Game Guide]
Soulworker - 2021 New Player Guide Tips/Tricks - YouTube

After selecting a character, you can press ESC to skip the animation introduction,
followed by the novice tutorial,If you already know how to operate,
you can also press ESC to end the novice tutorial,
Press ESC again to end the animation, and you can officially enter the game.
Press the option key on the keyboard to disengage the mouse and press various buttons in the game.
Use the keyboard W, s, a and D to operate the character forward and backward,
The space bar is a jump, the left mouse button is an attack,
and clicking the right mouse button can switch the angle of view.
On the small map in the upper right corner, there will be exclamation marks and question marks,
Find the NPC with an exclamation mark on her head,
approach her and press the F key to enter the dialogue,
You can ignore what she said. Click task list and next until skip appears on the left,
Click skip and then accept to complete the task.
Remember, click as long as there is a skip, and click next if there is no skip.
Leave this NPC when the exclamation mark turns gray and the question mark turns gray,
Find the NPC with the Yellow rotation symbol on the head to complete the task,
During the process, sometimes a blue go arrow appears. According to the arrow direction,
you can also find the corresponding NPC.
After completing the initial task, you already have level 3.
Find the [control area 43] of the red curtain to enter the copy,
Please equip your backpack (press the I key to enter) with excellent weapons and various armor jewelry before fighting monsters.